Decades of research-studies of three conventional approaches have not reduced the number of
children who encounter reading difficulties. Analyzing dozens of reading methods revealed that
reading approaches instruct explicitly the specific language details, but implicitly the general bases,
too abstract for young children’s grasp.
The T.M.N. innovative musical method involves reading and playing concretely the music reading
integrating computer program, in order to develop reading readiness and musicality in three researchstudies. TMN completes explicitly the general components that implicitly underlie alphabetical
languages, and are lacking in conventional approaches.
Three research-studies included experimental groups who studied T.M.N. compared to control groups:
a) TMN intervention program in kindergarten children with pre-post tests and follow-up in first grade
reading tests, resulted significantly higher in all reading measures compared to control groups; b) Preschoolers TMN integrated computer program found significantly higher results than the control group
in all readiness to reading-abilities exams. The weaker half of the experiment group advanced
significantly more in developing abilities of reading, learning, musical and closing gaps between the
halves within eight months; c) A first grade short scope TMN study showed a significant change in
improved symbolic perception, indispensable for reading abilities.
These TMN groups built first mental “reading schemata” by explicit learning of general bases, such as
accumulating signs, up to achieving meaning and internalizing alphabet principle etc., easing
secondary reading skills. The benefits of learning music prior to text reading became evident.

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