The Musical Notes Method for Initial Reading Acquisition

A century of experimental approaches to reading instruction has not
significantly reduced initial reading acquisition problems. Though
researchers continue to identify more and more symptoms of deficiencies,
they have, to date, come up with but few solutions. Reading instruction
traditionally begins with the particular components of a specific language.
In this study, we investigate a method that begins with general, basic
reading components common to all written alphabetical languages,
including musical notation. We propose to introduce reading by using an
original and simple musical vehicle, the Toy Musical Notes (TMN) method.
After creating a primary reading scheme through music, verbal reading
becomes much easier. Our method was tested on 150 preschool children,
who participated in three intervention programs: TMN, conventional music,
and a control group, which had a non-musical intervention program. Preand posttests were administered with follow-up assessments in reading
development conducted in the first grade. The results reflected significant
achievements for the TMN group on all reading parameters: number of
mistakes, vocal reading time, velocity, and comprehension. Applying this
method allowed us to use children’s natural musical interest to help them
learn to read and comprehend better.

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