Read and Play company sets her goal to change the way children learn to read in the world, so children will be assisted in music on their way to read verbal text.

Via Sounds2ReadTM method children can acquire reading abilities and also musical abilities much easier and intuitively in the concrete mode that fits early children grasp.

We believe that music is international language, sympathetic, breaking walls and connect people. It also enriches and develops many basic skills added to reading, such as: socializing, emotionally, mentally, musically, mathematically and more.

We believe that every child deserves to know to read as base to learning and express his personality.

We believe that every child deserves also to know to play for his enjoyment and develop his creative abilities. With Sounds2ReadTM method, and the technology development of our time, the artificial intelligence, it is possible and even easy (for children), and we strive to enable it to every child!

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