Mediating Musical lexical Functions Prepares Children Minds for Textual Reading

Carmon, y., (2013)., Mediating Musical Lexical Functions prepares

Children Minds for Textual Reading. Paper presented in the Jerusalem International Conference on Neural Plasticity and Cognitive Modifiability; June 2-5,2 2013, Jerusalem Israel


Feuerstein cross disciplines mediation tool included in first reading. Researchers consider first reading as most difficult task that change audio language into visual symbols, building reading Schemata in minds. Intrinsic built-in instruction error is implicitly teaching the general abstract lexical functions to children with concrete concept, causing most difficulties. These functions can be taught explicitly via music concrete playing, enable to build the first reading schemata in minds, to simplify any further reading. Music contribution to enhance academic learning is known and fit children natural development, was not tried being itself too complicated. Toy-Musical-Notes easy method integrated computer used in three studies, resulted in significant abstract grasp enhancing of lexical functions taught explicitly in Feuerstein mediation.

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