Sounds2ReadTM Method can be applied in many ways. Some of them are developed and applied in Israel.: computer-games program, online game, musical toy, electronic keyboard etc. The first released application was game of enrichment “The House of Sounds including lessons and games and songs library to play in Sounds2ReadTM. The game provides enjoying and creative tool to learn and improve success in reading.

The Developers

Dr. Yehudit Carmon expert in reading and literacy for early children and musician (B.A. & M.A in Musicology, violin Academy) analyzed needed reading abilities for child’s success in first reading. Results of her studies and her experience brought her to the conclusion that the connection between music and reading is very effective.

Dr. Carmon developed and improved the innovative notation system Sounds2ReadTM over ten years in order to be especially suitable for preschoolers. The method was successfully tested in kindergartens and schools and has been proven to be most effective in developing and improving children’s reading skills in first grade.

Mr. Amihud Carmon (son of Yehudit) was the developer of computer program & games “The House of Sounds”, and also the co-establisher and first CEO of Read and Play.

In the site of Bar-Ilan University graduates, a recent article was published “read notations first”. The article review shortly the vision to eliminate reading ignorance in the world via music.