Childrens/Parents/Teachers/Experts write their opinions about the method:

What do the children say?

I really enjoy to play with the computer, play music and make up melodies.

Udi, 5.5 years old (Boy)

Every morning I’m hurrying to the kindergarten to play the metallophone with Sound2Read, that’s what I enjoy most doing in the kindergarten.

Stav, 4.5 years old (Girl)

What do the parents say?

Tia (6) very loved to play Sounds2Read and even unvented added names of herself to the notes she’s learned. I was amazed by the concentration and attention that the game arouse in her, and by the quick way she leaned in the specific method. Within a fewtimes she was able to play herself a whole song and identify it.

Judy  Lorenfeld, Tel-Aviv

I was very impressed by the fascinating book The Sounds of story. The author succeeded really in artistic way to integrate the ability to “hunter” the sounds in the game and also write text in fine rhymes and also , most important, bring interesting educational and ethical message.  

Odelia Koslovski, Bnei-Brak

What do the teachers say?

Sounds2ReadTM method, who accompanied us long era in individual mode in front of a computer, contributed children personally and in learning need. The method helped children to acquire reading skills, auditory memory, exactness and speed reading.

The children whore coming twice a week were contributed from this system. When the musical computer lessons ended, children asked if they can continue to lo learn to play…

We thank Read and play for activating the program and enriching the team of “Yad Rachel” in this unique program.

Oded Barma. Director of “Yad Rachel”, Lod

In the name of “Hand in Hand” association, and in the name of “Warm Home” Jaffa, I want to thank you from bottom of heart for cooperation and activating the weekly lessons through computer program “Sounds2Read” (in Hebrew ”Taf-Tavim”) which helped children in develop reading abilities. The games caused great happiness and joy for children.  

Shelli Choshen, Chairwoman of “Yad Beyad Association. Israel


I don’t understand what happens here. Ten years I teach only first grade. And never encountered this phenomenon as it happens in this class. What I teach today-, the following day all children absorbed, and I can continue to enhance.

Tzipi, teacher of 1st graders who received the children who played in kindergarten the Sound2ReadTM method.

Oded Brama, Headmaster of “yad- Rachel” Lod.

On behalf of the “Yad- Beyad” society and on behalf of the children of “Warm House” Jaffa,
I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your co-operation and for running the weekly lesson
activities based on the “The House of Sounds” software, which helped the children in developing reading
abilities. The game brought great fun and enjoyment to the children.
< immensely enjoyed playing “The House of Sounds” and even made up her own names for
the notes she learned. I was very surprised at her concentration and attention that were inspired by the
game, and at the quick way in which she learned to play with this special method. Within a few times she was
able to play tunes by herself and recognize them.

Shelly Choshen, Chair-person of the “Yad-Beyad” society, Israel.

What do the experts say?

method which is customized for children, enables the child to acquire basic reading skills quickly in efficient and enjoyable mode.

As an expert in literacy domain, who followed closely after the stages of the study, I came to the conclusion that Sounds2ReadTM method might help very much to children in the world in the difficult and complex task of learning to read.

I think this method is a breakthrough in the preparation of assisting infrastructure for advancement of reading instruction and it is proper to use it as a in the education system as an enrichment method for reading.

Professor Aryeh Wohl, the coordinator of second degree and head of the Department of literacy, Talpiot College. Previously, Head of the Department of Literacy in “Matach” and  in the Open University, Israel.

I was impressed by the research work of Dr. Yehudit Carmon and its programs’ than can help us in our work in kindergartens. The research proves significantly the direct influence of learning to read music at kindergartens on the text reading in first grade/ No doubt that this research work can assist us, educators, in our ongoing educational work.

Dr. Yael Shay, National Supervisor of Music Studies, Ministry of education.


The results of the research showed great results. The study was conducted in diverse populations  and in all were found good and significant outputs, Your method deserves to be distributed in more other places, kindergartens and schools’ first grades.

Dr. Yechiel Sherman,  Inspector of the Ministry of Education district.